About Me

GC“In the depths of deepest darkest Lincolnshire, in the heart of the English midlands beats a creative heart that seeks truth, the perfect relationship and at least two cups of tea in the morning (proper tea… not that wishy-washy apology) …”

You have probably already surmised that I have a tendency to flower up a sentence to add a dash of drama, gravitas or interest to an otherwise sober topic. You would be right.

This is my second blog; the first I ended because I felt it had become too complicated. Then I became concerned that it wasn’t the blog that was complicated, it was me …

On reflection, the truth is that I am simply liable to change my mind; I don’t believe I’m complicated at all.

I believe it was Stuart Sutherland who once commented “the willingness to change one’s mind in the light of new evidence is a sign of rationality not weakness”. Amen to that.


19 responses to “About Me

  1. quite right ref the tea … don’t like nasty stuff.

    N x

  2. there is something about your writing, a poetic sense, many thanks. I would be honored if you checked out my blog “chasing wind Mills, why not”
    LuLu.com who published it, sent it over to Amazon,
    guess where they placed it? In the energy section with other books about the wind and wind energy.
    Oh dear…wake well, I guess in your land people are waking up, tea ok, but a good cup of coffee is good too….peace ko shin Bob Hanson

    • debsylee

      Thank you for dropping by Bob, and for your valued comments.
      What can I say about the Amazon issue … it sounds like their attention to detail is somewhat lacking, and somewhat shortsighted if they only associate windmills with energy …
      I’ve located your blog; thanks for sharing it.

  3. Dear Debs

    I really enjoyed your last blog and others I’ve read tonight, engaging and written in a concise style – rather Sunday Mail comment genre.

    Well done – not sure how we got contacted via Face Book -but as someone once said ” ohI do like you”. Dick Emery ?


    • debsylee

      Hi Rod,

      Good to see you here; I’m pleased you have enjoyed what you’ve read so far!

      Yes, I believe it was the Facebook genie that introduced us…

      Take care and speak soon.

  4. Thank you for sharing your blog. Love the writing style. Now if the women will just allow us men to change our minds too, we will be alright lol.
    Can’t wait to read more.

  5. Thanks!
    It’s a blessing to count or have creative people within one circle of FRIENDS!!!


  6. disorderlybeautifulchaos

    Online dating isn’t much different than any other kind of dating really. You meet someone, are attracted to him or her, and start a relationship—or not. The primary difference with an online dating service is in the way you meet other singles and communicate initially. In the case of most online dating services, you look at pictures of potential mates, you email them, you talk, you meet, and you decide to move forward or start over and try again. In some respects, finding and cultivating a relationship is like a full time job.

    Don’t waste time emailing potential dates for weeks on end. The more quickly you meet in person, the more quickly you can eliminate that “prospect” or begin to develop a relationship. If, after a few email exchanges, you think you might like the other person get his or her phone number and speak on the phone. This will reveal a lot about the other person. Based on your conversation you can decide whether to meet in person and find out if there is a mutual attraction.

    • debsylee

      Hi there,

      Thank you for taking the time to comment: I really appreciate it.

      I have to be honest, I have tried the process and in the order you describe many times over .. it simply doesn’t work for me in so much that I appear to attract men that are – ahem – a tad less than honest. This only comes out some way down the line though …. and it’s a problem when you tend to take a person’s word at face value …

  7. Tom

    Reading this on my mobile at 01.41 is very interesting. Makes me want to know more. I hope I get to chat with you soon. Cheers.

    • debsylee

      Hey Tom!

      Thanks for visiting, although I’m not sure I advocate reading this at 1.41 a.m. … I thought I had the monopoly on insomnia around here!

  8. I absolutely love your blog and your perspective on life! Look forward to learning more about it and you.

  9. physiojw

    Hi Debs,
    A great style, very flowing. Scattered on the net I have various started attempts, its a shame that they cant just take on a life of their own and grow their own stories.
    Hmm now that would be fun

    • debsylee

      Thanks Jill!

      Very often this blog does take on a life of it’s own if the truth be told!

      Good to see you here 🙂

  10. Nice blog site! I don’t know what “proper tea” is but I do know a great cup of coffee. I’m a food snob. I’ll follow you on Networked blogs….so I can figure out what the tea is!

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