A woman’s assets …. her fortune or her downfall?

A short while ago I touched on this subject in “Why women should wear lipstick ..”, but having had a tongue-in-cheek conversation earlier via Twitter with a friend concerning his visits to certain “establishments” in Prague, I felt it was time to give the hornet’s nest a shake once more.

For the benefit of my inter-continental cousins, some European cities have a reputation for clubs that feature attractive women, specialising in the artistic removal of of their clothes. Some clubs, I’m told, don’t even bother with the actual disrobingΒ at all, they just go straight to the main course skipping the starter entirely. In any event, there is much female flesh on display and proportionate male cash is flashed in appreciation. Men flock from all corners of Europe to these cities and maintain that it is continental beer that is the lure of such destinations, but detailed documentaries on Sky have informed us that beer is but an additional benefit …

Over the years I have met women who have turned quite an impressive shade of purple when the subjects of strip clubs, lap dancing or porn have been discussed; they saw the subject as an affront to women and the source of discrimination against the fairer sex. I have to confess that during my earlier years I was one of those women. Why should I battle in my chosen profession to be regarded only for how good I looked in a pencil skirt by my male superiors?

Gradually I realised that raging against the subject didn’t make it go away …. the truth, girls, is this …. men like to look at women. Some even confess they can’t help it. It’s how they are wired. It matters not that the four-minute warning may have sounded, if there’s a bouncy cleavage on show, that’s where a man’s attention will be focused. It’s a biological fact and the sooner we girls accept it, the more relaxed we’ll be.

Now I’d imagine that some men may be applauding that sentiment, but not so fast …. I’m not done yet, gentlemen.

If men have an acknowledged weakness for the female form, then there is going to be a whole lot of exploitation going on. Take the artistic and tasteful flesh pots of Prague and the like … a woman moves her unclothed curves in front of a man in such a way that he reaches straight for his wallet and offers her the contents. Who’s being exploited? Market forces … where there’s a demand, Peter Stringfellow et al are seizing the opportunity.

So let’s move this on a stage …. some time ago a male friend told me that men like to communicate in a no-nonsense, black and white fashion. This is, by all acounts, why they get annoyed when women answer “nothing’ to the perennial favourite question “what’s the matter?”. You can see their point here, girls, can’t you?

So … let’s take the need for black and white communication and match it up to a man’s desires for all things fleshy and female.

Picture the scene, ladies …. your man is at work and you call him on his mobile.


“Hello darling …. I just wanted to fill you in on this evening’s programme. You’ll be home around seven, yes? …

… Well, when you get home I’ll be wearing that dress you like … the one that is a little too low cut at the front? We’re going to then eat your favourite slow-roasted lamb for dinner and I’m going to rub my foot up and down your leg, I’m going to giggle like a school girl at your jokes and play with my hair suggestively..

…then for dessert, I’m going to sit on your lap and spoon-feed you with home-made chocolate mousse, licking my fingers in between … after which, we will disappear upstairs and do what nature intended us to do ….

When we’re finished darling, I’m going to explain why we need to book a holiday and I’d really, really like you to agree with me”

At what point do you think he’ll stop listening? It’s black and white. No tricks, no guessing games.

Of course there will be a few hard-bitten men out there spitting in anger at this rather obvious attempt to manipulate a man’s ‘weakness’, so in answer to those gents I would say this …..

You should have said no to the poison apple.

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28 responses to “A woman’s assets …. her fortune or her downfall?

  1. Steve B

    Where is that poison apple again?

    Let me have another bite lol

  2. I’m sorry I lost you at “low cut dress”.

    Actually don’t you think that’s just a little bit black & white? Not all of us men are quite as bad as that, and I’m not just referring to those of my gender whose heads are turned by others of my gender. Some of us do sometimes manage to hold two thoughts in out heads at once. We’ve realised that while womanly forms are wonderful, unless they’re covering a fine brain we’re going to be bored the day those curves curve downards only.

    I have a theory that we help people to live down to our expectations. So expecting a man or woman to be a certain way almost inevitably leads them into being that way. In fact I’d go one stage further and say we positively attract that type of person, we may even seak out that type of person because while we don’t like the behaviours we somehow feel comfortable with them as they’re what we expect.

    So, and I’ve realised I’m beginning to sound like disgusted of Tunbridge Wells, this man would like not to be tarred with the same brush.

    (oh and if you have any full length photos of you in THAT dress, send them to………)

    • debsylee

      Hi Alex,

      Thanks for your comments. I’m not suggesting for one minute that men are “sex-obsessed” to the point that nothing else exists for them, but the popularity of internet porn and the like speaks for itself.

      This piece was not meant to be taken absolutely literally; I was hoping to engage more with those women who still feel threatened and insecure because of men’s attentions in these areas.

      I hope that one day we can all accept and celebrate our differences in this regard πŸ™‚

  3. mike mastracci


    Ever notice that it is mostly, not always, women that don’t get noticed or otherwise hate men etc. that find such exploitation offensive, while the hot ones tend to work it for all the dumb guys will spend?

    • debsylee

      I’ve yet to meet a man who had a problem with being “exploited” ..

      I’m also fully aware that my gender do not agree with me wholeheartedly on this topic (she says … taking cover) πŸ˜€

  4. Oh I wouldn’t for a second quibble with the sex obsessed part, even if I have a sneaking suspicion that women are equally obsessed. Rather that some of us men have worked out that sex isn’t all in the physical and that on the whole a partner with a brain and boobs is far better in bed than one with just boobs.

    (Pause to check punctuation)

    Yes, seems OK, no misplaced commas…. SEND

    • debsylee

      I love it Alex! (Your comment, that is … )

      If we can work together to work out how to push each other’s buttons (so to speak) ….. Nirvana πŸ˜‰

      • Well, I’m more than happy to put in the hours, although I don’t think of it as work, more of a hugely entertaining and fascinating pastime. After all if it was work I’d have a boss (and a salary).

        And I’m happy to show how my buttons are pushed, I feel it’s so much easier than expect you to guess.

  5. Steve B

    Can I just say Deb that when we get married in eight years time (remember our agreement? don’t back out now) I won’t have any problem with you doing any of the above.

    In fact here’s my credit card- book the holiday now.

    What time is dinner? lol

  6. the truth, girls, is this …. men like to look at women. Some even confess they can’t help it. It’s how they are wired.

    Well let me join the list of confessors. Hell yeah. I’m married but I’m always scoping out women. I don’t do anything about it, but it’s just accepting the “monkey mind” and, hey, studies have shown it’s healthy and keeps you sane. Admittedly not all men are like that, but then not all men like sex (*gasp* tell me it ain’t so!?)

    after which, we will disappear upstairs and do what nature intended us to do ….

    What.. take turns brushing our teeth and having a dump before going to sleep? Sorry, I’ve been married too long πŸ˜›

    Seriously though, you are totally right. Women have a lot more power over men than the majority think. Even if we’re trying to be smart and keep “two thoughts” in our head at the same time, men always have their eyes open for an angle and playing on that is a way for women to wield some immense power – not a negative thing for them as some believe!

    • debsylee

      Thank you Peter!

      Personally I don’t see the problem in ‘giving’ your partner what he/she wants, as long as it’s done openly and without malice.

      And contrary to what some might think, it can be rather enjoyable girls …

  7. It’s a difficult realization…the looking. And, hard wired or not…so damned annoying. It’s not like I’m glued to every man’s ass who walks by…maybe we should be…even the playing field.

    • debsylee

      Hi Jessica,

      It can be infuriating! I’ve been there so I know.

      I think that levelling the playing field in the way you speak of isn’t really an option for us girls; you only have to look at the reaction of audiences watching male and female strippers. Women laugh and treat it as a bit of joke, whereas men take it quite seriously.

      That said, there does come a time when a man has to respect that blatantly “ogling” other women in the presence of his partner is downright disrespectful. And I would have no problem in telling him so.

    • Ah, but Jessica who said you have to level the playing field? Surely it’s not about people all doing exactly the same thing but people all being treated with the same equality of respect, trust, love etc.

      After all you wouldn’t want to come down to our level, would you?

  8. You see, You see!! That’s it right there!! Women are so suductive and tantilizing, you can’t but help just melt in their hands!

    To introduce myself, I’m Lex Dras and after taking a break with my serious stuff (blog.mamasfault.com) I’m going to have some fun with yours!

    Oh Deb… I am going to enjoy “following” you around… oh yea! Where do you want me to go next? πŸ™‚

    • debsylee

      Welcome Lex!

      Thanks for your comments; I’m pleased you “found” me and am looking forward to your visits πŸ™‚

  9. Hi Debs
    Interesting piece, and interesting comments….just wanted to clear up though that, as the twitter correspondent on a visit to Prague, we had no actual discussions of me visiting ‘establishments’….. that was your assumption ;-))) I actually went for a week of tai chi……but verrrrry interesting that the assumption was there…..The establishments looked very interesting tho….so maybe next time!!

    Now, regarding that spoon full of chocolate mousse with you in that dresss……mmmmm ….and going on holiday you say? How about Prague? It’s nice!! πŸ˜‰

    Alan x

    • debsylee

      My dear Alan,

      We may not have had “actual” discussions, but you know you made the inference … didn’t you? And I hope I made the point in my post that I now accept that men will undertake this type of activity from time to time … didn’t I?

      The fact that you “buy into” the dress and the chocolate mousse operation makes it acceptable … I hope you realise this, i.e. your fellow men may feel you are letting the side down πŸ˜‰

      Tai Chi you say … I think I’ve heard of that club …

      Debs x

      • Hey I just remember something about chocolate mousse and a low cut dress…..can’t remember what else you were saying πŸ˜‰

        Nooooo, youuuu made the inference re establishments πŸ˜‰ (yes you did/no I didn’t, yes you did/no I didn’t…… )


  10. Alex

    No no, as a fellow man I have no problems with Alan’s acceptance. In fact it’s nice to know I’m not alone.

  11. debsylee

    Alan Sharland, as I live and breathe …..

    … what were we tiffing about? πŸ˜‰

    Mwwaaaahhh x

  12. Tiffing? We were teeeeeeasing…… πŸ˜‰ xx

  13. Alex

    I think I feel a bit sick – must be the chocolate mousse.

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